Reasons Behind Trump’s Billion Dollar Attorney’s Exit From His Legal Team Revealed

by Jessica

In August 2023, Donald Trump’s decision to part ways with lead criminal defense attorney Drew Findling in the Fulton County, Georgia case sent shockwaves through his inner circle.

Findling, widely regarded as one of Trump’s most competent attorneys, was in the midst of defending the former president against what many consider to be the most perilous prosecution he faces.

The timing of Findling’s replacement, just before Trump’s historic mug shot was taken in Georgia, only added to the intrigue surrounding the departure.

As the dust settled, the reasons behind this legal shake-up began to emerge.

Sources familiar with the matter revealed to Rolling Stone on Friday, September 22, 2023, that internal power struggles, a longstanding issue within Trump’s legal teams, played a significant role in Findling’s exit.

This internal strife was exacerbated by the realization that Fulton County prosecutors were poised to pursue a comprehensive indictment against Trump and his inner circle.

Findling, renowned for his successful defenses of celebrities like Cardi B and Offset, was hired to navigate precisely such high-stakes situations.

Sources pointed to tensions between Boris Epshteyn, a senior advisor to Trump and in-house counsel for the former president, and Findling as a key factor in the attorney’s departure.

According to one insider, the issue stemmed from Epshteyn’s perceived lack of control over Findling.

This source noted that this tension was widely recognized within the MAGA circles, marking a contentious dynamic that ultimately played a pivotal role in the attorney’s departure.

The strain between Epshteyn and Findling had become increasingly apparent in the lead-up to Findling’s official departure in August.

Sources indicated that Epshteyn had already initiated a search for another Atlanta-based criminal defense attorney well in advance of the announcement.

This proactive step further underlined the severity of the internal conflicts that ultimately led to Findling’s exit.

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