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Trump’s address at the Texas border devolves into a weird tirade glorifying “wheels and walls.”

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump heaped praise on the efficacy of “wheels and walls” during an event near the Texas border, where he addressed a crowd in Edinburgh on Sunday. In his speech, Trump expressed concern about the state of the country, asserting that “our country is going to hell.”

Seeking to emphasize his point, Trump posed rhetorical questions about the uncontroversial nature of concepts like voter ID and the construction of a wall. He stated, “Who could object to voter ID? Who could object to a wall?” Trump then introduced the concept of “wheels and walls,” highlighting their durability compared to other things that become obsolete quickly.

According to Trump, items like mobile phones serve as examples of rapidly aging technology. “Everything else gets old and tired and obsolete very quickly,” he remarked, except for “wheels and walls.” He argued that these enduring elements continue to function effectively, asserting, “But wheels and walls, they work. And we don’t need the wheels, we just need the walls. And it worked. So we had the safest border in our history.”

Trump’s commentary on the enduring effectiveness of “wheels and walls” reflects his emphasis on certain policy priorities, particularly border security, while framing them as reliable and resilient solutions in contrast to rapidly evolving technologies. The former president’s remarks contribute to ongoing discussions about immigration policies and the perceived efficacy of specific measures in addressing border-related challenges.

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