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‘What The Hell Is He Doing?’ Donald Trump’s Abortion Comments Will Make Conservatives Freak

by Jessica

The intricate relationship between Donald Trump and the anti-abortion movement is a compelling and multifaceted story that may one day become the subject of a book.

When Trump entered the realm of Republican politics, he lacked historical ties to the anti-abortion movement and had limited socially conservative credentials. However, he successfully won over this cohort during his 2016 campaign and subsequent presidency.

His tenure included the appointment of numerous conservative judges, including three Supreme Court justices in just four years. This ultimately resulted in the overturning of the Roe v. Wade decision in the landmark case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization in 2022.

While this achievement marked a significant victory for the anti-abortion movement, it also triggered a substantial electoral backlash, providing Democrats with an advantage in subsequent elections. Trump seems to have absorbed this lesson as he embarks on another presidential run.

In January, Trump publicly acknowledged how the abortion issue had adversely affected Republicans in the midterm elections. He attributed the electoral setbacks to Republicans’ handling of the “abortion issue,” especially their stance on having “No Exceptions,” even in cases of rape, incest, or threats to the mother’s life.

This departure from the anti-abortion movement’s rigid stance was seen as a vulnerability for Trump’s GOP candidacy in early 2023. However, as the former president’s poll numbers have risen in recent months, such concerns have waned.

During a recent interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Trump revisited the abortion issue, suggesting a potential compromise, an uncommon approach to an issue known for its lack of middle ground. He proposed finding a specific number of weeks or months that would satisfy both sides of the debate. This proposal aligns with laws passed in various states post-Dobbs, which restrict abortion after a designated period.

Trump’s willingness to consider either state or federal regulations on the matter, along with his openness to negotiations, marked a departure from his previous stance. When asked if he would sign a nationwide abortion ban, Trump did not provide a direct answer but pledged to sit down with both sides and negotiate a solution, potentially ending decades of strife on the issue.

His comments have drawn a response from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a fellow Republican and presidential candidate, who criticized Trump for his willingness to compromise on abortion. DeSantis’s team emphasized the governor’s unwavering stance and criticized Trump’s track record of compromising with Democrats on various issues.

The question now arises of whether Trump’s willingness to consider compromise on abortion will impact his standing in the Republican primaries. Despite the potential repercussions, most recent polls show Trump maintaining a substantial lead in the GOP field, with a significant margin. For instance, a recent Morning Consult poll had Trump leading by 40 points.

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