Secret Tape Exposes Trump’s $500 Million Appeal Bond Negotiation

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump, along with key figures including his son Eric Trump, New York State Attorney General Letitia James, and court-appointed monitor Judge Barbara Jones, were embroiled in discussions.

They aimed to secure a nearly $500 million appeal bond to cover court-imposed penalties for fraud, as reported by Counter Punch on Friday, February 23, 2024.

Additionally, Joey Profaci Jr. of Bada-Bing Bonds of Elizabeth, New Jersey, was involved in the negotiations.

The transcript, obtained by Counterpunch columnist Stephen F. Eisenman from an anonymous source, offers a glimpse into the high-stakes drama unfolding behind closed doors.

The dialogue opens with Donald Trump probing his son Eric about their progress.

Eric Trump reports that they are close, with approximately $401,037,241.29 secured, but still lacking around $74 million.

Donald Trump appears unimpressed, pressing Eric about his efforts to find additional funds.

Eric’s attempts, including searching beneath sofa cushions and even soliciting contributions from family members, yield minimal results, much to Donald’s frustration.

As tension mounts, Letitia James intervenes, admonishing Trump for any further delays, emphasizing the urgency of securing the bond to fulfill obligations to the people of New York.

She demands action, insisting that Trump liquidate assets to meet the required sum.

Despite Trump’s suggestions of selling valuable properties like the Manhattan penthouse or Mar-a-Lago, Judge Jones interjects, debunking their inflated valuations and highlighting legal constraints that diminish their worth.

Judge Jones expresses skepticism regarding the proposed surety’s adequacy to safeguard the court’s judgment and bondholder’s financial security, citing Trump’s history of deceit.

However, Joey Profaci Jr. reassures the assembly, exuding confidence in his ability to ensure financial safety and prompt payment, hinting at his formidable reputation in the realm of debt collection.

The exchange encapsulates the fraught dynamics and mounting pressure faced by Trump and his associates as they grapple with the ramifications of legal proceedings stemming from allegations of fraud.

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