Prosecutor Nails Trump Witness: ‘Piece Of Fecal Matter’

by Jessica

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis recently asked Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling to react to various social media posts while on the witness stand in court on Tuesday and pointedly asked if he enjoyed some of the more colorful jabs posted about him via Media Ite.

Willis was in court to make the case that one of former President Donald Trump’s co-defendants in her sprawling election interference case should have his bond revoked.

Willis argued that Harrison Floyd, who was a leader in the organization Black Voices for Trump, was engaging in witness intimidation and was trying to contact other co-defendants in the case, which is against the terms of his bail.

Willis asked Sterling, who became well-known in 2020 for vehemently defending the integrity of Georgia’s elections, to look at various posts Floyd made and tell the court if he was aware of them or not.

Below is a transcript of their exchange:

“Willis: And also, if someone tagged at Georgia Secretary of State, is that something that a member of the secretary of state’s office to include, you would receive?

Sterling: Yes, ma’am.

Willis: Okay. And moving on to the state’s exhibit number seven. Have you, in fact, seen this post? Thanks. Exhibit number seven.

Sterling: Yes, ma’am.

Willis: And is that because you were tagged at Gabriel Sterling?

Sterling: Yes, ma’am.

Willis: I’m moving on to State’s exhibit number nine. Are you familiar with State’s Exhibit Nine?

Sterling: Yes, ma’am.

Willis: And is that because it was tagged at Georgia Secretary of State?

Sterling: Yes, ma’am.

Willis: Is that what allows these are these tags would allow these messages to communicate with you?

Sterling: When you’re tagged that shows up in your feed of items that mention you. So, yes.

Willis: Okay. And then finally, the last one, state’s exhibit number eight. Are you familiar with state’s exhibit number eight? Yes, ma’am. And is that again, because you were tagged both Georgia’s secretary of state and Gabe Gabriel Sterling? Yes, ma’am. And do you enjoy being called a piece of fecal matter?

Sterling: No, ma’am.”

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