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Trump Wins Significantly in Georgia Trial Using Leaked Tapes

by Jessica

Former Watergate prosecutor and U.S. attorney Nick Akerman shared insights with CNN’s Sara Sidner regarding leaked proffer sessions in Georgia involving individuals connected to Trump who have accepted plea deals.

Sidner highlighted the resumption of Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial in New York and the prosecutor’s request for a gag order in the federal election subversion case, as reported by Yahoo on November 15, 2023.

Meanwhile, Fulton County prosecutors are seeking to seal discovery materials in the Georgia election subversion case due to leaked video depositions from Trump’s former co-defendants.

Sidner asked Akerman about the impact of these leaks, and he emphasized that the exposure endangers witnesses with crucial information, ultimately benefiting Trump.

When Sidner inquired about the reason behind Trump benefiting from these leaks, Akerman explained that the revelation of incriminating information by witnesses poses a threat. He cited the risk of radical supporters taking matters into their own hands, citing a precedent in Cincinnati after a search warrant at Trump’s estate resulted in an attempt to harm an FBI agent.

Concerned about witness protection, Sidner inquired about the safeguards available in Georgia. Akerman expressed skepticism, citing the expense and the absence of a robust witness protection program in the state.

Drawing parallels with the high costs incurred by public figures like Mitt Romney for personal protection, he highlighted the challenges and dangers witnesses face, referencing an incident involving Cassidy Hutchinson after her testimony before the January 6th Committee.

Sidner echoed the gravity of the situation, condemning the threats against witnesses who are fulfilling their civic duty. The conversation delved into the madness of witnessing individuals lawfully doing their part while facing intimidation.

The discussion concluded with Akerman sharing his own experience of being threatened by mob bosses in the past, providing a personal perspective on the challenges individuals face when standing against powerful entities.

This exchange underscored the broader implications of witness intimidation in legal proceedings and the need for enhanced protection measures in such cases. The alarming threats against witnesses raised questions about the adequacy of protection measures, with Akerman expressing the exorbitant costs involved. He cited Mitt Romney’s daily expenses for personal protection, emphasizing the intensive, round-the-clock nature of safeguarding individuals.

Akerman ominously referenced Cassidy Hutchinson’s post-testimony ordeal, reinforcing the inherent risks faced by those fulfilling their civic duties. The conversation shed light on the disconcerting reality that witnesses, despite acting within the bounds of the law, find themselves exposed to peril, underscoring the urgent need for comprehensive and accessible witness protection initiatives.

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