Trump Was Allegedly “Very Upset” As News Broke That Jared And Ivanka Have Reportedly Cooperated In Investigations Against Him, Son-In-Law Testified In DOJ Probe

by Jessica

Recently, there was a major revelation reported by correspondent and CNN analyst, Maggie Haberman, along with Pulitzer-prize-winning NYT correspondent, Michael Schmidt.

They disclosed that Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump’s eldest daughter, and her husband Jared Kushner have been cooperating with multiple investigations against the former president.

Most notably, Jared Kushner provided testimony under oath to DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith, who was appointed by Attorney General Garland to investigate Trump’s alleged attempts to subvert a United States presidential election.

This cooperation comes in addition to their involvement in the grand jury investigation into Trump’s alleged role in inciting the violent January 6th insurrection at the US Capitol, targeting congressional members, including Vice President Mike Pence.

Shortly after the bombshell report surfaced, CNN’s Jake Tapper had a phone call with Maggie Haberman during an episode of CNN’s The Lead.

During the conversation, Haberman shed light on the details of how Jared and Ivanka’s cooperation unfolded and addressed how President Trump is handling the news.

In addition to this news that you’re breaking about Jared Kushner sitting for testimony being asked questions by prosecutors looking into his father-in-law trying to steal the election from the winner of President Joe Biden, we also know that Ivanka Trump cooperated with the January 6 committee. And I’m wondering, how is the relationship between Donald Trump who surrounds himself with people who tell him that he won the election which he did not, and these two individuals, his daughter, and his son-in-law.

HABERMAN: Jake, my understanding for multiple people when the testimony was aired showing both Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump being interviewed by the House Select Committee during those live hearings was the Trump was very upset, particularly that Ivanka Trump. He was not happy about these video clips showing her suggesting that she had believed what Bill Barr was saying and Bill Barr, the former attorney general, of course, said that there wasn’t a widespread fraud and told Trump that and he testified to all of that. My understanding is things have improved them, but it definitely brought a strain to the relationship.”

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