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Trump Unloads a Bombshell About Joe Biden’s Drug Use

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump recently poked fun at President Joe Biden during a rally speech on Saturday by referring to him as a “stupid person” on medication via Media Ite.

Speaking to a crowd of supporters in Fort Dodge, Iowa, Trump claimed Biden was an incompetent leader, pointing to his recent meeting with China President Xi Jinping while also accusing the president of being on medication.

It has been noted that Biden met with Jinping earlier this week to help bolster relations with China; however, he caused some controversy when he referred to Jinping as a “dictator” at a press conference after the summit.

“Our leader is a stupid person,” Trump said as he was met with laughs and cheers from the Republican audience. “Our leader can’t get off this stage. You see this stage?”

Trump then began mocking Biden by pretending to look confused and repeating the line “Thank you.” He also said Biden would have struggled to leave the stage because by the time he’s finished his speech “whatever it is he’s taken” would have worn off.

Despite being only a few years younger than Biden, the Republican frontrunner has often used his opponent’s age as a talking point on the campaign trail.

Biden and Trump are clear favorites to win their party’s nominations and will likely face each other in a rematch general election by November 2024. Current polling from Real Clear Politics shows the two candidates narrowly tied as Trump leads on average by 1.6%.

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