Trump Torched After Claiming 100K NJ MAGA Fans Were Barred From NY Court: ‘Delusional Maniac’

by Jessica

Social media users chastized former president Donald Trump after he made a brazen claim outside the New York courtroom where he’s on trial.

Michael Cohen, the star witness for the prosecution in the criminal hush money trial against Trump, was scheduled to testify on May 13 when the business magnate ranted to reporters outside the courthouse, as per Newsweek.

What this judge [Juan Merchan] is getting away with is disgraceful. Including the fact that we have thousands of people, we had 100,000 people in New Jersey, they would like to show their support,” Trump said, referring to his New Jersey campaign stop on May 11, Mediaite reported.

“It is like an armed camp outside. You can’t get one person within three blocks of this courthouse,” Trump stated while being accompanied by his son Eric Trump, Senators J.D. Vance and Tommy Tuberville, Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, Alina Habba, Boris Epshteyn, among others. Social media was quick to call out Trump’s lies after a video of the rant was posted on X, formerly Twitter.

A user slammed, “There are many Trump courthouse videos that play out exactly like this. No problem with access. No Trump supporters.”

“What a lying delusional maniac,” chimed another. Reiterating similar sentiments a user slammed Trump for not even having his family’s support. “This ain’t it. You can’t get your WIFE and most of your kids to come see you. Who cares about 100k made-up strangers?

Meanwhile, another user chose to attack the media instead for not fact-checking Trump’s claims. He wrote, “If MSM was properly doing its job telling the American people the truth, they would cut to a street cam and pan the area outside at the courthouse showing virtually no supporters at the very moment Trump states one can’t get within blocks of the courthouse because of his supporters.”

Netizens continued to debunk Trump’s inflated crowd claims. A user said, “The venue in NJ didn’t hold 100K people. More like 20K. And it was ½ full.” Another user took a swipe at both Trump and his supporters.

“This unhinged conman is objectively, delusionally insane, and he is worshipped by millions of brainless people. It’s terrifying.”

User @bemidjijohn added, “If this were true (it’s not) then why aren’t there masses of Trump supporters in a 3-block perimeter? Every day of the trial there’s been a clear area just outside the courthouse for both supporters and protesters, and at most a couple dozen people show up.” Trump has previously also falsely claimed that the New York Court isn’t allowing MAGA protestors.

CNN fact-checked his claim, explaining that a designated protest zone nearby allows public access to trial proceedings. Even though security measures include street closures, the courthouse remains fully accessible.

The truth is that only a few Trump supporters showed up — initially about a hundred, but lately as low as three supporters were spotted by reporters.

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