“The Worst Is Yet To Come. Our Country Will Go And See The Levels That Were Unimaginable” – Trump

by Jessica

According to a report in the Daily Mail on Saturday, February 24, 2024, former President Donald Trump delivered a fiery speech at CPAC, warning of the potential consequences of President Biden’s immigration policies.

He predicted that if Biden were reelected, tens of millions of migrants would flood into the United States. In his address, Trump made several striking statements, including comparisons between migrants and violent criminals incarcerated in the country.

Trump asserted, “All of a sudden we’re starting to like our prisoners and our horrible violent criminals because they’re nicer than the people that are flowing in.” This remark highlights his concern over the influx of migrants from various parts of the world, including Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. He emphasized that such migration poses a threat to the nation’s security and integrity.

Moreover, Trump drew attention to the origins of these migrants, stating that they are coming from “countries that nobody ever heard of” and even mentioned individuals from “prisons in the Congo.” He pointed out that the influx of migrants not only jeopardizes national security but also exacerbates existing social issues.

In his impassioned speech, Trump painted a bleak picture of the future under a potential Biden presidency. He warned, “The worst is yet to come. Our country will go and see the unimaginable levels.” Trump’s dire prediction included the assertion that under four more years of Biden, the number of illegal aliens crossing the border could exceed 40 to 50 million people.

Trump’s concerns extended beyond just the number of migrants. He warned of the strain on essential services like Medicare, Social Security, healthcare, and public education, predicting that they would buckle and collapse under the pressure of mass migration. Additionally, he raised the specter of increased gang violence, suggesting that “ruthless gangs will explode even more into the suburbs.”

Throughout his speech, Trump juxtaposed the perceived threat of migrant influx with the potential consequences for American society. He argued that suburban women would appreciate his stance on immigration, suggesting that they would “love me so much” for his efforts to protect their communities.

Trump’s remarks also touched on broader geopolitical concerns, including the threat of terrorism and foreign domination. He warned that groups like Hamas and Antifa would “terrorize our streets” and suggested that China would seek to dominate the United States.

Despite the seriousness of his message, Trump injected moments of levity into his speech. He acknowledged the possibility of criticism for veering off-script, jokingly attributing any negative reactions to his departure from the teleprompter to his opponents’ inability to recognize his “total genius.”

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