Trump Suffers Serious Gaffes While Speaking On Fox News

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump faced an embarrassing moment during an appearance on FOX News, where he appeared to confuse President Joe Biden with his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, while discussing the United States’ approach to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

According to Newsweek90 on Thursday, October 12, in a wide-ranging interview with FOX & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade on Thursday, Trump seized the opportunity to criticize the current White House’s handling of the escalating tensions in the Middle East. He expressed confidence that if he were still in office, the ongoing war in the region would have never transpired.

Trump went on to mock the Biden administration for what he viewed as a tendency to telegraph its strategies openly, a practice that he disapproved of. He also used the interview as a platform to once again question the results of the 2020 presidential election, referring to it as a “horrible date” and a “disgrace” for the nation.

However, what became most notable was Trump’s apparent mix-up of the current and former presidents. In a moment of confusion, he shifted blame for the ongoing conflict to Barack Obama instead of President Biden.

Speaking about the situation, Trump claimed, “Brian, it’s all coming through Iran, and Obama doesn’t want to talk about it.” Kilmeade interjected, trying to clarify Trump’s statement by saying, “But you mean President Biden. So, but right now–”

Trump responded by reiterating his position, stating, “No, I also mean Obama, I mean Biden. I mean Obama is Biden’s boss.” He maintained his belief that it is Barack Obama and his associates who are influencing Joe Biden’s decisions concerning Iran.

Kilmeade pressed Trump for evidence of his claims, to which Trump responded that it was a matter of his gut feeling. He went on to proudly assert the accuracy of his gut instincts, believing they have been right on a multitude of issues.

Throughout the interview, Trump expressed deep concerns about the situation in the Middle East, whether it was under the influence of Biden or Obama, ultimately concluding that it was a “mess” that should have never happened. The interview highlighted a moment of confusion and a mix-up between the current and former presidents.

The FOX News host intervened to correct the former president, emphasizing the importance of accuracy in the discussion. Trump’s apparent confusion drew attention, making the interview a topic of discussion and amusement across various media platforms.

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