“This is Not America”, Trump Submits as Court Cases Bite Former President

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump has today, September 25, taken to social media to voice his grievances against the ongoing legal battles he faces in New York.

In a fiery statement, he declared, “I have been unfairly sued by the Trump Hating Democrat Attorney General of New York State, Letitia James.”

He contends that the accusations of inflating his financial statements to secure loans are baseless and politically motivated.

Trump pointed a finger at the presiding judge, Arthur F. Engoron, asserting that the case should be moved to the “Commercial Division.”

He claims that Engoron’s alleged bias against him and Attorney General James is hindering a fair trial. Furthermore, Trump lamented that he is denied the right to a jury, raising concerns about due process.

The former President outlined four key points in his defense. First, he emphasized that his actual net worth surpasses the figures stated in the financial statements.

Second, Trump argued that his brand, which he considers invaluable, was not factored into the calculations.

Third, he highlighted that all loans were repaid in full, some even ahead of schedule, with no defaults, demonstrating the profitability for the banks involved.

Lastly, Trump drew attention to a prominent disclaimer clause on the financial statements, urging all parties, including financial institutions, to conduct their own independent analysis.

Trump also emphasized the financial strength of his company, asserting that it holds substantial cash reserves and carries minimal debt.

He maintained that his enterprise, which he described as “a great company,” has been unjustly vilified by what he deems a politically motivated witch hunt.

Expressing his dissatisfaction with the situation, Trump called for intervention from the highest courts, both within New York State and at the federal level.

He urged them to examine the case closely, emphasizing his belief that the proceedings do not align with the principles he believes America stands for.

As the legal saga continues, the outcome of these cases will undoubtedly have significant implications not only for Trump and his organization but also for the broader political landscape.

The former President’s combative stance reflects the gravity of the charges brought against him and the stakes involved.

Trump’s plea for assistance underscores the intensity of the legal battle and sets the stage for a potentially protracted and contentious legal showdown.

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