New York Attorney General Alleges What Trump Was Spotted Doing After Requesting Break On $464M Case

by Jessica

Donald Trump is in a big money mess after getting hit with a whopping $464 million fine in his New York bank fraud case. But instead of paying up, he’s trying to appeal the decision without handing over all the cash needed as reported by Daily Beast On 29, February 2024.

Trump’s lawyers say he doesn’t have the money to appeal unless he sells a building or something else valuable. Meanwhile, the New York Attorney General claims Trump is quietly moving his assets to Florida, where it might be harder for her to seize them.

Trump’s legal team offered to put up just $100 million instead of the full amount required. They argue that if they don’t get a break, they might have to sell off properties to come up with the cash, and then they wouldn’t be able to get them back even if they win the appeal.

But the Attorney General isn’t buying it. She’s worried that Trump might be trying to dodge paying the fine altogether, especially since he’s moving assets out of New York. She says Trump should have to put up the full amount or at least a big chunk of it while the case is being appealed.

Trump’s lawyers say the judgment against him is way too high, and they’re struggling to find a lender willing to put up the money needed for the appeal. They argue that the judge’s decision to stop Trump from borrowing money from New York banks is making things even harder.

But the Attorney General isn’t sympathetic. She says Trump needs to come up with the money one way or another, or else she’ll have a hard time collecting on the judgment.

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