Why Recent Trump Speeches Indicate Underlying Brain Damage

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump’s mental state is drawing concern from psychologists, who suggest a potential decline in cognitive functioning.

As reported by Raw Story on Thursday, March 7, Dr. John Gartner, a psychologist and former assistant professor at Johns Hopkins University Medical School, believes Trump is experiencing a “fundamental breakdown” in his “ability to use language.”

Gartner cited examples from Trump’s recent speeches, including a tangent at the U.S.-Mexico border where Trump discussed immigrants “who don’t speak languages” in a disjointed manner.

Psychologist Harry Segal from Cornell University and Weill Cornell Medical School also noted Trump’s mental sharpness has declined over the past six months, observing lapses in logic and confusing statements during rallies.

Segal highlighted Trump’s pathological lying as a form of mental illness contributing to his cognitive lapses.

Vincent Greenwood, founder and executive director of the Washington Center For Cognitive Therapy, identified Trump’s speech patterns as indicative of underlying brain damage, citing examples of phonemic paraphasia during a speech in North Carolina.

These concerns come amidst Trump’s potential candidacy for the upcoming November general election, prompting discussions within the Republican Party.

The Wall Street Journal Editorial page recently cautioned the GOP about Trump’s candidacy, emphasizing his potential to “act up” and remind voters of reasons for his previous ousting.

In other developments, prosecutors unexpectedly dropped charges against three antique collectors accused of handling stolen lyrics from the 1970s hit “Hotel California” by the Eagles.

The trial, which began in New York with Don Henley as a key witness, concluded with a judge citing new evidence casting doubt on the prosecution’s case.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Dade Phelan’s decision to pursue impeachment against Ken Paxton may have consequences for his political career, according to reports.

Paxton’s impeachment has stirred controversy, raising questions about the potential impact on Phelan’s future.

Additionally, preparations for the Oscars gala are underway, with organizers anticipating notable performances and memorable moments.

The inclusion of “Barbie” in the nominations has generated excitement, with expectations for a standout performance by Ryan Gosling.

These developments underscore the ongoing discussions surrounding Trump’s mental state, legal proceedings, and political maneuvers within the Republican Party and beyond.

Psychologists’ concerns about Trump’s cognitive decline add to the complexity of the current political landscape, as various factors intersect in shaping public perception and discourse.

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