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“It Will Be Over For Trump” Former Prosector Warns Trump Of Severe Consiquences If This Is Proven

by Jessica

Former Mueller investigation prosecutor Andrew Weissmann has suggested that a specific revelation about the operation of fake electors during the 2020 election could have severe legal consequences for former President Donald Trump.

According to a report by Raw Story on Thursday, November 16, 2023, Weissmann, speaking on MSNBC Wednesday, highlighted a crucial detail that emerged from proffer videos leaked in the Georgia election racketeering case.

These videos implicated multiple Trump-affiliated attorneys, including Kenneth Chesebro, whose disclosures shed light on the intricacies of the alleged election interference.

Chesebro’s statements, particularly regarding the characterization of electors, became a focal point of the discussion.

Weissmann pointed out that while Chesebro initially denied the existence of fake electors, he later contradicted himself by acknowledging the use of the term ‘contingent’ electors in Pennsylvania.

These were individuals who claimed to be electors but insisted on clarifying in writing that they were not the actual electors unless their votes were counted and aligned with the winning candidate.

Weissmann emphasized internal documentation that revealed a concerted effort to avoid referring to these electors as ‘fake,’ as it could have detrimental consequences.

Electors within the Trump campaign reportedly resisted endorsing this approach, creating a divide between those willing to participate under certain conditions and those outright opposing the notion of contingent electors.

The crux of Weissmann’s argument lies in the potential legal ramifications for Trump if he was aware of the intricate legal battles surrounding the authenticity of electors.

According to Weissmann, if Trump knew that electors refusing to identify as contingent were, in fact, violating the law, it would be “game over” for the former President in the ongoing legal proceedings.

The legal expert underscored the significance of uncovering what information was relayed to Trump regarding the nature of the electors.

The ambiguity surrounding Trump’s knowledge of the legal intricacies adds a layer of uncertainty to the unfolding legal drama.

As the investigation progresses, the leaked proffer videos and Chesebro’s revelations may play a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of the election interference cases.

The potential implications for Trump, depending on his level of awareness, could have far-reaching consequences and further intensify the scrutiny surrounding the 2020 election aftermath.

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