“That’s unforgivable” Trump Sends a Strong Message to Prince Harry If He Becomes President

by Jessica

According to a report by the Independent on Sunday, February 25, 2024, former President Donald Trump declared that Prince Harry would be left to fend for himself should Trump secure a second term as President of the United States.

Trump’s bold statement adds another layer of intrigue to the already tumultuous relationship between the royal family and the Sussexes.

The contentious remark stemmed from Trump’s assertion that Prince Harry had betrayed the Queen through his actions.

Trump’s sentiments resonated with his audience as he criticized the Biden administration’s purported leniency towards the Duke of Sussex since his relocation to California with Meghan in 2020.

Trump was quoted by the Express as saying, “I wouldn’t protect him.

He betrayed the Queen.

That’s unforgivable.

He would be on his own if it was down to me.” Prince Harry’s recent musings about obtaining American citizenship further fueled the ongoing debate.

During an appearance on Good Morning America, the Duke disclosed that he had contemplated becoming an American citizen, raising speculation about his future political affiliations.

His ambiguous stance left room for interpretation, with many pondering the implications of such a decision on both sides of the Atlantic.

The intricacies of the royal rift came to light with the release of a new book, adding fuel to the fire of controversy surrounding the Sussexes.

The book suggests that the late Queen Elizabeth II was incensed by Harry and Meghan’s assertion that she had given her blessing to the name “Lilibet” for their daughter.

The announcement in 2021 regarding the birth of Lilibet sparked global interest, with the couple attributing the name to the Queen’s childhood nickname.

However, revelations from royal journalist Robert Hardman’s autobiography depict a different narrative, painting a picture of a queen enraged by the insinuation that she had endorsed the choice.

Hardman’s account sheds light on the alleged miscommunication between the Sussexes and the royal family. Palace insiders revealed to the BBC that the Queen had not been consulted about the naming of Lilibet, contradicting the couple’s claims of royal approval.

The apparent discrepancy further deepened the chasm between the Sussexes and the royal establishment, fueling speculation about the extent of the discord within the monarchy.

The rift between Prince Harry and the royal family has been a focal point of public interest, captivating audiences worldwide.

As the debate rages on, the world watches with bated breath, awaiting the next chapter in the saga of Prince Harry and Meghan’s unconventional royal journey.

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