Trump Says Investigation Is ‘Over’ After Affair

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump recently declared on Friday that the RICO case against him in Georgia was “OVER” since Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis admitted that she had a “personal relationship” with a special prosecutor on her team.

On Truth Social, Trump wrote:

Fani Willis, the D.A. of Fulton County, just admitted to having a sexual relationship with the Prosecutor she, in consultation with the White House and DOJ, appointed to “GET PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP.” By going after the most high-level person, and the Republican Nominee, she was able to get her “lover” much more money, almost a Million Dollars, than she would be able to get for the prosecution of any other person or individual. THAT MEANS THAT THIS SCAM IS TOTALLY DISCREDITED & OVER!

It has been noted that in a 176-page filing on Friday, Willis acknowledged that she had a “personal relationship” with special prosecutor Nathan Wade, whom she hired to work on her RICO case against Trump and several others.

Willis faced calls to step aside from the Trump case but indicated she would not. In her filing, she stated that “any personal relationship among members of the prosecution team does not amount to a disqualifying conflict of interest or otherwise harm a criminal defendant.”

She further said that Trump’s team “have done nothing to establish an actual conflict of interest, nor have they shown that, in the handling of the case, District Attorney Willis or Special Prosecutor Wade have acted out of any personal or financial motivation.” Willis noted she intends to continue prosecuting the case and denies any wrongdoing or conflict of interest.

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