Trump Rules Out His Top Loyalist as He Drops a Major Hint on Who He Will Choose as His VP

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump has excluded three of his top loyalists from consideration as his vice presidential pick, signaling a significant shift in his decision-making process. Trump has eliminated Vivek Ramaswamy, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Elise Stefanik from consideration for vice president, preferring to assign Ramaswamy to a cabinet position, sources reveal.

As reported by Bloomberg on Monday, March 18, 2024, Ramaswamy was informed directly by Trump that he would not be the vice presidential nominee, but is being eyed for roles such as Homeland Security secretary due to his strong public speaking skills and Indian-American background, which could mitigate criticism of immigration policies.

Trump is evaluating potential picks for his administration based on loyalty, ideological alignment, and perceived electoral advantage. Among those being considered for Cabinet roles are former GOP primary rival North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, Representative Elise Stefanik, and former US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer. According to The Hill

The former president seeks a running mate who prioritizes substance over fame and can provide a competitive edge against President Joe Biden. Despite discussions with allies, Trump remains unimpressed with the suggested candidates for vice president.

Kevin McCarthy is a leading contender for chief of staff, possessing valuable experience in Capitol Hill dynamics and federal governance. Trump aims to avoid the missteps of his first term transition by carefully selecting aides and Cabinet members who align with his agenda.

Close advisers, including family members like Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr., are actively involved in the selection process, with a focus on appointing individuals supportive of Trump’s “MAGA” agenda.

While some advocate for loyalists who align with Trump’s policies, the former president also admires success, wealth, and sophistication in potential appointees.

Trump’s campaign adviser, Jason Miller, dismisses speculation about potential appointees, emphasizing that official announcements will come directly from Trump or his campaign.

Trump’s decision-making process is characterized by political discussions, media critiques, and casual dining, often at his Mar-a-Lago club. He has expressed admiration for individuals like Doug Burgum and Tim Scott, who are seen as potential assets in his administration.

Notably absent from consideration are individuals like Ron DeSantis and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who have reportedly fallen out of favor with Trump due to perceived disloyalty or missteps.

Trump places great importance on selecting the next attorney general, considering the department’s handling of investigations into his presidency. Possible contenders include Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Mike Davis, and Mike Purpura.

Christopher Wray, the current FBI director, is unlikely to retain his position if Trump is reelected, sources suggest.

Ben Carson, Robert Lighthizer, and John Ratcliffe are among those who remain favored by Trump for potential promotions within his administration.

The lineup for top posts in a potential second Trump administration remains fluid, with various individuals being considered for roles ranging from intelligence director to Defense secretary.

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