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Donald Trump Ridiculed After Denouncing Sidney Powell

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump is facing ridicule and renewed scrutiny after his denial of any association with lawyer Sidney Powell who recently pleaded guilty to being involved in efforts to overturn the 2020 election results.

As reported by the Independent news on Monday, October 23, 2023, the development has sparked a wave of criticism with many accusing Trump of distancing himself from Powell to avoid potential legal repercussions while his detractors claim this is an admission of his own involvement in the election-related controversies.

Sidney Powell, best known for her role as one of the leading figures behind the “Kraken” lawsuits and her unfounded claims of widespread election fraud, entered a guilty plea on charges of making false statements to federal investigators.

Her admission of guilt has added more complexity to the ongoing investigations into the post-election turmoil and has now cast a shadow on her past associations, including her relationship with the 45th President of the United States.

During the tumultuous weeks following the 2020 presidential election, Powell was one of Trump’s most vocal legal advocates. She appeared alongside Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis at press conferences and court hearings, pushing conspiracy theories and baseless claims of election fraud.

Trump’s recent denial of any formal connection with Powell, despite video evidence and public appearances to the contrary, has raised eyebrows and generated a storm of criticism.

Critics argue that Trump’s disavowal of Sidney Powell now raises questions about his own involvement in the dubious post-election activities.

The former president’s claim that Powell was never a part of his legal team appears to be an attempt to distance himself from any potential legal consequences stemming from her guilty plea.

Observers have noted that this strategy might be an effort to protect Trump from potential legal liabilities in the ongoing investigations.

Some legal experts suggest that Trump’s assertions could be aimed at ensuring his own legal defense remains unscathed.

The guilty plea by Powell, who was actively involved in advancing false claims of election fraud and promoting a narrative of a rigged election, could potentially implicate those who publicly endorsed or associated with her, including the former president himself.

Despite Trump’s denial of any formal relationship with Sidney Powell, he had praised her repeatedly on social media and during public appearances after the election.

His calls to “release the Kraken” and his endorsement of her efforts to challenge the election results are documented on various platforms, making it difficult for him to distance himself from her now.

The news of Sidney Powell’s guilty plea and Trump’s disavowal of her has reignited discussions surrounding the 2020 election and the legal battles that followed.


With ongoing investigations by multiple state and federal authorities, this latest development raises questions about whether it will have any substantive impact on the various legal cases and inquiries.

In the court of public opinion, Trump’s assertion that Sidney Powell was never truly his lawyer has been met with skepticism. As the legal proceedings continue to unfold, the former president’s distancing from Powell may prove to be an ineffective shield against legal scrutiny.

In the months to come, it remains to be seen how this evolving narrative surrounding the 2020 election will impact Trump’s legacy, his legal defenses, and the ongoing efforts to hold those responsible for false election claims accountable.

Sidney Powell’s guilty plea and the subsequent reactions from Trump and his critics have set the stage for what promises to be an intriguing and contentious legal saga.

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