Trump Reveals Money In Bank Account To Investigator

by Jessica

In a recent post on Truth Social, former President Donald Trump commented on the ongoing scrutiny of his financial statements, addressing the claims made by New York Attorney General Letitia James regarding his financial worth.

Trump began by asserting that his financial statements indicate a significantly higher net worth than what he had previously disclosed to financial institutions and banks.

He went on to emphasize that these financial institutions were represented by top-tier law firms and were highly sophisticated entities, suggesting that they had ample resources and expertise to thoroughly analyze his financial information.

Trump further noted that each of his financial statements included a disclaimer clause, a legal provision that explicitly advised these financial institutions to conduct their own independent analysis and not solely rely on the financial statements presented by him. This disclaimer, according to Trump, reinforced the idea that the burden of due diligence fell on these institutions.

The former president also highlighted what he characterized as his “great liquidity” and pointed out that his level of debt relative to his assets was quite low. This appeared to be an attempt to underscore the financial strength and stability of his business dealings.

In his closing statement, Trump directly addressed Letitia James, the New York Attorney General, who has been actively pursuing investigations into his financial affairs. He dismissed her efforts as “Trump Hating” and contended that her case lacked a solid foundation.

This post on Truth Social reflects Trump’s ongoing response to investigations into his financial matters, asserting that the financial institutions and banks involved in his dealings had taken due precautions and that he had adhered to legal disclaimers in his financial statements. Trump’s comments serve as a continued defense against legal challenges and investigations into his financial practices.

It turns out that my Financial Statements show a WORTH which is substantially more than I showed the very well represented (by top flight law firms!) & highly sophisticated Financial Institutions and Banks. Also shows that each statement has a Disclaimer Clause strongly telling these institutions to do their own analysis & to not rely on the Financial Statements presented. Additionally, great liquidity – Very little Debt relative to Assets! In other words, Trump Hating Letitia James has no case! (Donald Trump Truth Social Post 03:49 PM EST 9/18/23.


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