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Trump Reveals He Had Contemplated Pardoning Himself While in Office But Decided Not to Do So

by Jessica

In an interview with NBC News on Thursday, September 14, 2023, Trump disclosed, “I could’ve pardoned myself. Do you know what? I was given the option to pardon myself.

I could’ve pardoned myself when I left. People said, ‘Would you like to pardon yourself?’ I had a couple of attorneys that said, ‘You could do it if you want.’

I had some people that said, ‘It would look bad if you do it because I think it would look terrible.'” Trump emphatically stated, “The last thing I’d ever do is give myself a pardon.”

It’s worth noting that during his tenure as president, Trump did not face any formal charges or legal actions. However, since leaving office, he has found himself entangled in legal matters.

Trump has been indicted four times and is now confronting a total of 91 charges across four different criminal cases, spanning both federal and state jurisdictions.

Despite these legal challenges, Trump remains a prominent figure in American politics and is currently the front-runner for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

During the same NBC interview, he asserted that it is “very unlikely” he would consider pardoning himself if he were to win a second term in 2024. Furthermore, he maintained his innocence, stating unequivocally that he believed he had done nothing wrong.

This revelation sheds light on a critical juncture in Trump’s presidency, where he contemplated a course of action that could have had far-reaching implications.

His decision not to pardon himself reflects his perspective on the matter at the time. As the legal proceedings against him continue, the former president’s actions and statements are likely to remain under scrutiny, shaping the ongoing political discourse in the United States.

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