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Trump Reveals Biden In Trouble With Special Counsel?

by Jessica

In a recent post on Donald Trump’s Truth Social platform, the former president criticized President Joe Biden for his handling of documents, including classified ones.

Trump alleged that Biden had moved documents, some of which were classified, to various locations over the years, including Chinatown.

He also claimed that Biden had taken documents while serving as a Senator, which Trump characterized as an “absolute no, no.”

Trump sought to draw a distinction between himself and Biden, stating that he falls under the Presidential Records Act, implying that Biden does not. Trump asserted that he had done nothing wrong in contrast to Biden and many others.

According to Fox News, President Joe Biden has voluntarily participated in an interview conducted as part of an investigation into his handling of classified documents, according to the White House Counsel’s Office.

The interview, which spanned two days (Sunday and Monday), was carried out at the White House and was conducted by Special Counsel Robert Hur. Hur was appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland to oversee the investigation.

White House Counsel’s Office spokesperson Ian Sams confirmed the voluntary nature of the interview and stated that President Biden and the White House have been cooperating with the investigation.

Sams also emphasized the administration’s commitment to transparency while ensuring the integrity of the ongoing inquiry.

The investigation centers on a collection of records dating from President Biden’s tenure as vice president, which included a “small number of documents with classified markings.”

These documents were discovered at the Penn Biden Center by the president’s personal attorneys on November 2, 2022. Subsequently, the National Archives were informed and took possession of the documents on November 3, 2022.

The interview with President Biden occurred amidst global developments, including the outbreak of conflict in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas.

The president was concurrently engaged in discussions with foreign leaders and meetings with his national security team regarding the situation.

It is worth noting that previous U.S. presidents have participated in interviews as part of investigations, with examples including President George W.

Bush’s interview during an investigation into the leak of a CIA operative’s identity and President Bill Clinton’s extensive questioning before a federal grand jury in 1998 conducted by independent counsel Kenneth Starr.

I see that Crooked Joe Biden is working on his documents situation. He moved documents, many classified, all over the place, for years, including to CHINATOWN. He even took documents as a Senator, an absolute no, no! I come under the Presidential Records Act, he doesn’t – A big difference!!! I did nothing wrong, he did, and so did many others! Donald Trump Truth Social Post 08:21 AM EST 10/10/23

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