Trump Reportedly Not Doing Fine as TV Panelists Notice Weird Behaviour He’s Began Engaging in

by Jessica

A CNN panel on Wednesday, March 27, lambasted former President Donald Trump for promoting $60 Bibles, prompting ex-Bush speechwriter David Frum to question his financial stability.

They said that this is not normal for a man who claims to be a billionaire, pointing out that this is weird behavior that confirms suspicions that he might be struggling financially.

Frum mocked Trump’s promotion of his own Bibles, suggesting that had he lost the 2016 election, he would be selling “reverse mortgages and dietary supplements” instead.

He emphasized that such actions betray the true state of Trump’s wealth, contrasting them with the behavior of genuinely affluent individuals who rely on investments rather than selling goods on TV.

“It is a reminder of how fraudulent all the claims about his wealth are,” he said.

“These are not the actions of very wealthy people. Very wealthy people are living upon the interest of the interest of their municipal bonds. They do not need to go on TV and sell Bibles to credulous supporters,” he added.

This is after Trump was again recently involved in hawking sneakers, with his campaign also printing his Fulton County mugshot on merchandise for sale.

He also pointed out that there are already enough Bibles in America, wondering why Trump would promote the very same product if he was rich.

Frum also flagged the dubious valuations of Trump’s social media company shares as another red flag regarding his financial status.

He accused Trump of being involved in a series of scams, citing the manipulation of Truth Social’s share values as particularly suspect.

Frum suggested that the inflation of Truth Social’s share prices might involve serious Securities and Exchange Commission violations, hinting at potential investigations into Trump’s attempts to shore up his inherited fortune.

“He is engaged in one scam after another,” he said. “I think the most serious thing he’s engaged in is this effort to loft the shares of his media company, Truth Social… it smells terrible.”

This comes at a time when Trump is trailing President Joe Biden in campaign donations, with most of the money he has raised again finding their way out through fines and legal fees.

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