Prison Calling Former President? Questions Raised as Trump Reportedly Makes Massive Blunder

by Jessica

Just days after a judge expanded a gag order to protect his family from Donald Trump’s caustic attacks, the former president may have already landed himself in scorching hot water.

Accusations are swirling that Trump has potentially violated the strict order by continuing to wage his online campaign against those involved in his hush-money criminal trial.

The alleged transgression, flagged by Ron Filipkowski of the liberal Meidas Touch outlet, centers on a video clip Trump shared Tuesday morning, April 2, from Fox News.

In it, host Brian Kilmeade repeats unverified claims about an alleged fake social media account purportedly belonging to the daughter of the presiding judge, Juan Merchan.

It was precisely these sorts of malicious rumors and personal affronts that prompted Merchan to expand the gag order on Monday evening.

The revised order now explicitly forbids Trump from making any statements whatsoever about Merchan’s family or that of the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, whose office brought the charges.

By reposting and amplifying the contentious footage, Trump appears to have blatantly defied the newly broadened restrictions aimed at preserving judicial integrity and insulating the trial participants from intimidation or harassment.

Legal experts swiftly condemned the move as a potentially catastrophic error in judgment.

Former federal prosecutor Neama Rahman called it “a clear violation” that demonstrates Trump “has no respect for the court.”

Similarly, national security lawyer Brad Moss tweeted “He quite literally could not comply with a lawful order even if he tried.”

The reported misstep throws an ominous cloud over Trump’s legal strategy and underscores the hazards he faces as his indictments multiply.

Veteran attorneys have repeatedly warned the notoriously undisciplined defendant to obey all judicial orders to the letter.

Willful violations could see him held in contempt of court, fined, or potentially even jailed on the grounds he poses a threat to the proceedings.

Of course, Trump and his legal team may argue the clip does not directly mention Merchan’s daughter, creating a loophole of plausible deniability.

But the former president’s apparent defiance of such an explicit, high-profile order is striking even by his combustible standards.

The ultimate determination will rest with Judge Merchan himself. If he agrees Trump has crossed a line, the judicial branch may opt to lower the boom and make the ultimate statement – that, in fact, no man is above the law, not even Donald Trump.

A stint in prison could suddenly enter the picture for the current Republican frontrunner.

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