Trump Reportedly Falls Into Biden’s New Trap as Report Shows What he Did After Biden’s NY Interview

by Jessica

President Joe Biden’s advisers are working on a strategy to needle former President Donald Trump, ahead of their anticipated rematch.

This, Axios reported on Tuesday, March 5, is a calculated plan to provoke Trump into a public meltdown from now going forward.

The goal, Axios said in a report, is to push Trump’s buttons until he spirals into a narcissistic abyss.

This comes at a time when polls are confirming that the November contest will be between the two, as Biden struggled with low approval ratings.

The strategy is rooted in the belief that constant ridicule will inflict narcissistic injuries on Trump, prodding him to unveil the volatile side that captivated and polarised the nation during his presidency.

The Biden strategists, drawing inspiration from the president’s legendary 2012 vice presidential debate with Paul Ryan, seek to show that Biden still possesses the fighting spirit that defined that memorable clash.

They have crafted a narrative that paints Biden as the pugilist, ready to face any opponent in the ring, even if it means taunting a former president.

“Biden is looking for a fight,” the publication asserted, capturing the essence of the president’s unyielding determination to warn the nation of the consequences of a Trump resurgence.

“Sources tell us that Biden is looking for a fight. Biden’s instincts tell him to let it fly when warning about the consequences of Trump winning the presidency again,” the report said.

It is, however, not yet clear if Biden will unleash this offensive strategy at the upcoming State of the Union speech, an event traditionally adorned with statesman-like decorum.

The report hints at evidence that Biden’s strategy might be yielding results.

Murmurs of discontent have emanated from Trump’s camp after Biden’s appearance on Seth Meyers’ show.

Swiftly taking to social media, Trump labeled the president a ‘basket case,’ a sign that the barbs are finding their mark and he is falling into the trap.

“Biden advisers have some evidence that Biden is already getting under Trump’s skin,” the report adds. “After Biden’s appearance with Seth Meyers, Trump quickly complained about the show on social media, calling the president a ‘basket case.'”

According to the reported plan, Biden will in the coming days continue to remind Trump of his defeat in the 2020 election, seeking to provoke him further.

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