Donald Trump Receives Bad News From Black Voters Ahead of His 2024 Bid

by Jessica

President Joe Biden has garnered resounding support among Black and Latino voters in Pennsylvania, according to a recent survey by Susquehanna Polling and Research Inc.

The results reveal a striking trend, with an overwhelming 80 percent of Black voters expressing their intention to vote for President Biden’s potential re-election in 2024, in stark contrast to the 19 percent who would consider former President Trump.

These statistics reaffirm President Biden’s pivotal role in Pennsylvania’s political landscape, particularly after his narrow 2020 victory by a mere 1.2 percent margin.

Additionally, they echo the significant backing he received from Black voters during his previous campaign when CNN exit polling indicated he secured an impressive 92 percent of their ballots.

Furthermore, President Biden holds a commanding lead among Democratic competitors, with 74 percent of Black voters expressing their support for him as the Democratic nominee.

This news was reported by The Hill on Thursday, October 5, 2023, highlighting President Biden’s robust support among Black and Latino voters in Pennsylvania as per the Susquehanna Polling and Research Inc. survey.

This far surpasses the 9 percent who would support Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is considering an independent bid.

Recognizing the importance of Black voters in the Democratic Party’s base, the Biden campaign has intensified efforts to mobilize this crucial demographic.

Vice President Harris embarked on a campaign tour of historically Black colleges and universities in September, while the campaign launched a new ad called “Get Ahead,” emphasizing the administration’s commitment to equity in policy.

Meanwhile, the Congressional Black Caucus engaged in a nationwide tour during the summer, actively listening to the concerns of Black voters and using the tour as a mobilization effort.

The survey also indicated strong support for President Biden among Latino voters in Pennsylvania, with 81 percent expressing their preference for him over former President Trump’s 19 percent.

This level of support exceeds the figures from exit polls in 2020, where President Biden secured 69 percent of Latino voters while Trump received 27 percent.

When it comes to support as the Democratic nominee, 85 percent of Latino voters in the survey indicated their preference for President Biden, with only 12 percent supporting Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and 4 percent supporting Marianne Williamson.

On the Republican side, former President Trump currently leads GOP presidential polls, with some polls indicating nearly 50 percent support among Republican voters.

However, it’s worth noting that support for President Biden appears to have slipped in a hypothetical 2024 rematch against Trump, according to a Monmouth University poll, where Trump holds a 1-point lead among registered voters.

This suggests that the 2024 election could indeed be a closely contested race, with Pennsylvania playing a pivotal role once again.

As the political landscape evolves, these statistics underscore the significance of Black and Latino voters in shaping the electoral future, making their support a key focus for both major parties in the upcoming election.

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