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JUST IN: Trump Reacts To New Charges By Attacking Biden and Jack Smith With Namecalling and Baseless Accusations

by Jessica

In response to the fresh, serious charges against him, former President Donald Trump issued a statement from his campaign. This unattributed statement lambasted Special Counsel Jack Smith and President Joe Biden using derogatory language and made a claim discredited by multiple fact-checkers.

News came out on Thursday afternoon that Special Counsel Jack Smith has lodged three additional charges against Trump. On Thursday night, Trump’s presidential campaign disseminated a statement to the press, repeating well-worn slurs and asserting that the prosecutions against him are politically biased and are being orchestrated by the president:

Many media outlets have scrutinized Trump’s claim and determined it to be unfounded, with CNN’s Jake Tapper quickly commenting after Trump reiterated it in his post-arraignment speech in Bedminster, “There’s no evidence to suggest that Joe Biden had any involvement with these charges initiated by the special counsel. The charges are not false. The charges are not concocted.” The new filing:

  • Adds a fresh count against Trump for unauthorized retention of National Defense Information
  • Includes an additional defendant, Carlos De Oliveira, to the obstruction conspiracy charged as Count 32 in the initial indictment
  • Accuses defendants Trump, De Oliveira, and Waltine Nauta of two fresh obstruction counts: Counts 40 and 41, based on accusations that the defendants tried to erase surveillance video footage at The Mar-a-Lago Club in summer 2022
  • Introduces a new Count 42, accusing De Oliveira of giving false statements and representations in a voluntary interview with the FBI on January 13, 2023

Since the news emerged, Trump has been re-sharing video monologues and posting poll graphics on his Truth Social account.

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