VIDEO: How Trump Reacted After Audience Interrupted His Speech With Boos and Jeers

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump faced a wave of boos and jeers as he took the stage to promote his new business venture at a public appearance in Philadelphia on Saturday, February 17.

Despite the rude reception, Trump’s reaction gave little indication that the vocal disapproval from the crowd had impacted his trademark bravado.

Trump was in the middle of remarks about his new gold-accented sneakers emblazoned with his name when sections of the audience began booing loudly.

Video footage shared by MTN shows Trump momentarily pausing as the boos erupted, before forging ahead with his sales pitch over the cacophony.

Click to watch the video. Video: MTN/YouTube

“There’s a lot of emotion,” Trump commented, raising his voice slightly to be heard over the sustained booing.

For several seconds, the former president stood stoically on stage, continuing to speak and ignoring the audible hostility directed towards him.

When the booing showed no signs of letting up, Trump appeared to shift tactics, adopting a more conciliatory tone in an apparent effort to win over the detractors.

“Thank you, thank you,” he said with a small smile, reacting as if the boos were actually cheers of support.

Trump then proceeded to wrap up his sales pitch for the sneakers and a new fragrance branded with his name, projecting an air of confidence throughout the remainder of his appearance.

At times, his voice was nearly drowned out by the loud booing, but the former president did not acknowledge the negative crowd response again.

Body language experts noted that Trump exhibited no obvious signs of discomfort or irritation as he was booed.

He maintained direct eye contact with the audience and refrained from any nervous ticks or agitated movements.

This steadfast response aligns with Trump’s typical public persona of appearing unintimidated in the face of hostility.


The boos represented pushback from a subset of an audience that wasn’t entirely unfriendly to the former president.

Some cheers and enthusiastic shouts of support could also be heard amidst the negative reaction. A woman even briefly took over the microphone to effusively praise Trump in bizarre remarks.

Still, the loud booing highlighted that Trump remains a polarizing figure even as he embarks on selling consumer products directly to the public in an apparent bid to bolster his finances.

The underwhelming reaction at a niche event raises questions about how successful the former president will be in capitalizing on his name recognition post-presidency.

But judging by his reaction at this event, Trump appears ready to plow forward with his business plans undaunted.

Facing resounding public boos didn’t seem to shake his trademark self-assurance. For Trump, it may well have been another case of his detractors serving as motivation.


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