Trump Holds Breath as Judge Kaplan Gives E. Jean Carroll Rare Opportunity After Trump Raised Bond

by Jessica

The legal saga between former President Donald Trump and writer E. Jean Carroll has taken a new twist after Judge Lew Kaplan on Friday, March 8, injected a new layer of suspense.

As reported by MSNBC legal correspondent, Lisa Rubin, the Jugde has offered Carroll the opportunity to oppose Trump’s recently raised $91.63 million bond. This development follows Trump’s attempt to halt Carroll’s collection of an $83.3 million defamation judgment by posting the bond, as he appeals the case

Judge Kaplan’s decision to allow Carroll to challenge the bond represents a significant moment in the ongoing legal battle.

By offering Carroll the chance to contest the bond’s form, amount, or surety, Kaplan has provided her with a rare opportunity to influence the outcome of the case.

Carroll now has until Monday at 11 am, March 11, to oppose the proposed bond, failing which Kaplan will proceed with a hearing on Monday at 3 p.m. to deliberate on the matter.

The stakes are high for both parties involved. For Trump, the outcome of this legal maneuver could determine the financial burden he faces in the defamation case.

With the substantial bond already posted, Trump anxiously awaits Carroll’s response and the subsequent decision by Judge Kaplan.

The former president’s legal team will likely be closely monitoring any developments leading up to Monday’s hearing.

Meanwhile, E. Jean Carroll stands at a critical juncture as she weighs her options in opposing the bond.

Her decision could potentially impact the trajectory of the case and influence the amount of financial security Trump must provide pending the appeal.

Carroll’s legal representatives are expected to diligently assess the grounds for challenging the bond and strategize their response accordingly.

The legal community and the public at large are watching closely as this high-profile case unfolds.

The outcome of Judge Kaplan’s decision regarding Trump’s bond could have far-reaching implications, not only for the parties directly involved but also for the broader precedent it sets in defamation law.

As Monday’s hearing approaches, all eyes remain on the courtroom, awaiting the next chapter in the ongoing legal saga between Donald Trump and E. Jean Carroll.

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