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‘MORONS!!!’ Trump Rages At WSJ And Fox News For Questions On His Age And ‘Mentality’: ‘Where Did That Come From?’

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump unleashed a tirade of anger directed at Murdoch-owned media outlets, Fox News and the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), following a WSJ poll that included questions about his age and mental state. Trump vented his frustration on Truth Social, highlighting his accomplishments and challenging his critics.

The Republican frontrunner, aged 77, took exception to the poll’s inquiries into his age and mental condition, particularly as he frequently questions President Joe Biden’s age and cognitive abilities. Trump asserted that the WSJ poll was “phony” and possibly “rigged” as it seemingly aimed to soften the narrative surrounding Biden’s mental competence.

In his message to supporters, Trump emphasized his willingness to undergo a mental acuity test in the past, claiming to have aced it. He challenged Rupert Murdoch, Biden, and the WSJ’s leadership to take similar tests.

Trump continued by proposing a challenging test and physical activities to determine cognitive and physical fitness, citing his recent victory in the Senior Club Championship at a prominent golf club as evidence of his mental toughness and physical prowess. He also mentioned Bret Baier from Fox News as a witness to his golf skills.

In a final jab, Trump criticized Fox News and the WSJ for their perceived failures and the financial settlement they made, calling them “damaged goods” and using strong language to express his disapproval.

This outburst reflects Trump’s sensitivity to questions about his age and mental state and his readiness to confront critics head-on.

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