Trump Rages Outside Court That Not Having Jury in Fraud Trial is ‘Beginning of Communism’: ‘You See What’s Happening!’

by Jessica

Speaking to reporters outside a New York courtroom Wednesday, ex-president Donald Trump said not having a jury in the fraud case brought by Attorney General Letitia James is “the beginning of communism” and that everyone can “see what’s happening.”

“But if I had a jury, we’d win this case very easily,” said Trump. “But I don’t have a jury. And you see what’s happening. This is a railroading.”

Trump’s fraud case in New York will not be heard by a jury and his former impeachment attorney on CNN blamed that on Trump’s own lawyers in the case.

After a hearing on Wednesday, Trump went off on the “witch hunt” and said that he’s being denied a jury because prosecutors are working with President Joe Biden and the White House to prevent Trump from winning the 2024 presidential election.

Trump dismissed the idea that his lawyers did not “check a box” and said, “That’s nothing to do with it.”

“Under 63(12), you are not entitled to a jury,” he said. “It’s the first time it’s ever been used for a purpose like this.”

‘It’s the beginning of communism in our country,” said Trump. “This is the beginning of communism.”

This witch hunt that’s going on using Statute 63(12) — which -is a consumer fraud statute, which may be unconstitutional — Doesn’t allow me a jury, doesn’t allow me anything. We have a prosecutor, Letitia James, who’s incompetent, what she’s doing to our state, forcing companies out by the thousands, Forcing people out. Forcing companies out by the thousands while crime and violent crime in particular, runs rampant. So this witch hunt does not allow me to do it.

A lot of people say, oh, that can’t be possible, somebody didn’t check a box. That’s nothing to do with it. Under 63(12), you are not entitled to a jury. It’s the first time it’s ever been used for a purpose like this. Never been used. They used it on me. The former president, the leading candidate. I’m leading Joe Biden by a lot, which is probably why this is still happening. No probably, it’s definitely. They’re Coordinating with Washington, 100%. But without that, do none of these cases would be going on. They’ve weaponized justice in our country. This trial is a disgrace. Never happened, a thing like this has never happened before. And it is simply – I put it in financial statements with a disclaimer. In other words, don’t even bother reading them, to the banks.

I borrowed money on leverage. I borrowed money on a building or something. Maybe a different thing. I borrowed the money. I paid back the money in full, 100%. There were no defaults. There were no letters of reprimand. The banks were extremely happy and in many cases I gave the money back early. And then I got sued years later, by this horrible attorney general, this woman that ran for governor and failed. You know, she did this because she was running for governor and then she ran and she failed. She had no balls and they forced her out. She came back and she became Attorney General again. And we got stuck with it.

So she brought the case under the statute that had never been used for a thing like this before, ever. We’re not entitled to a jury. Because if I had a jury, even though it’s in New York and I think I’d be fine with New York. But if I had a jury, we’d win this case very easily, but I don’t have a jury. And you see, what’s happening. This is a railroading. And it’s the beginning of communism in our country. This is the beginning of communism.

Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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