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“It’s a Complete & Total Disaster” Trump Put Americans on Notice as He Unearths Biden’s Latest Plan

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump has taken to social media to voice his strong opposition to President Joe Biden’s electric car policy, labeling it a “complete and total disaster.”

In a post on Truth Social on September 15, Trump criticized the plan, arguing that it would have detrimental effects on American workers, consumers, and the automotive industry.

Trump’s remarks specifically target the push towards electric vehicles (EVs) and the potential impact on the United Auto Workers and the broader American workforce.

He expressed concerns over several aspects of the policy, including the fact that many electric cars are manufactured in China, their high cost, limited range, slow charging times, and potential safety risks under certain conditions.

The former President’s critique highlights the contentious debate surrounding the transition to electric vehicles as a key component of addressing climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

While electric cars offer environmental benefits, such as lower emissions and reduced reliance on fossil fuels, they also present challenges related to manufacturing, affordability, infrastructure, and job displacement.

One of the key points raised by Trump is the outsourcing of electric vehicle production to China. He suggests that this move could have adverse consequences for American auto workers and the domestic automotive industry.

Concerns about job displacement and the impact on U.S. manufacturing have been central in discussions surrounding the transition to electric vehicles.

Trump’s criticism also touches on the perceived limitations of electric cars, including their relatively higher cost compared to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, limited driving range on a single charge, and the time it takes to recharge them.

These concerns have been cited by consumers and industry experts as potential barriers to widespread EV adoption.

The former President’s comparison of the electric car policy to other controversial topics, such as open borders and voter ID requirements, underscores the partisan nature of the debate.

Climate policy, including the promotion of electric vehicles, has become a prominent issue in American politics, with differing opinions on how to balance environmental goals with economic considerations.

As President Biden’s administration continues to push for greater EV adoption, the discussion around the electric car policy is likely to intensify.

The fate of the American auto industry, the future of auto workers, and the nation’s approach to combating climate change will all be central topics of debate as the transition to electric vehicles progresses.

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