What Trump Pulled Out From His Pocket in the Middle of His Speech That Made Minnesota Crowd Go Wild

by Jessica

At the Minnesota GOP Annual Dinner on Friday night, May 17, former President Donald Trump delivered a lively and engaging speech that captivated the audience and showcased his trademark humor and wit.

Just hours after attending his son’s high school graduation, Trump took the stage in the North Star State and immediately set a jovial tone for the evening.

RSBN reports that during his speech, Trump addressed a range of important topics, from the U.S. economy to election integrity, but it was his humorous take on Bidenomics and inflation that truly resonated with the crowd.

In a playful move, Trump pulled out a small “Tic Tac” mint container from his jacket pocket and quipped, “Look at the size of this sucker! This is called Biden Tic Tacs!” His lighthearted jab at the current administration’s handling of inflation drew laughter and applause from the audience.

Continuing with his comedic flair, Trump humorously compared the cost of the small mint container to a larger one, joking that it cost more money despite being significantly smaller, attributing it to Biden’s inflation crisis.

Another highlight of Trump’s speech was his humorous critique of the stage setup. Pointing out the flaws in the podium’s construction, Trump jokingly exclaimed, “This is the WORST platform! Who put this stage up? This freaking place is falling down!”

His playful banter about the stage’s instability and tilting further left, in a nod to political allegory, resonated well with the audience.

In typical Trump fashion, he playfully blamed a “crappy contractor” for the podium’s issues, highlighting his reputation as a tough negotiator who always pays his bills.

This self-deprecating humor coupled with his ability to poke fun at the surroundings endeared him to the crowd even more.

Adding to the entertainment, Trump shared a humorous anecdote about the malfunctioning teleprompter, calling it “useless” after it fell down during his entrance to Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA.”

His ability to improvise and make light of unexpected mishaps showcased his adaptability and charisma.

Overall, Trump’s surprise gestures and playful interactions during his speech not only entertained the Minnesota crowd but also demonstrated his enduring ability to connect with supporters through humor and relatability.

His lively presence and comedic timing ignited enthusiasm and left a lasting impression on those in attendance.

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