Trump Predicts Unprecedented Weaponry, Including Nuclear Weapons, In Potential World War III

by Jessica

As Israel grapples with deadly Hamas attacks that have launched the region into a state of war, and Russia’s conflict in Ukraine persists, former President Donald Trump has issued a stark warning, asserting that President Joe Biden’s actions are propelling the world closer to World War III.

During his campaign rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Trump candidly expressed his concerns about the situation. “We are closer to World War III than we’ve ever been, and I’m the only one who will prevent it.

That won’t be a war with traditional tanks going back and forth; this will be a war with unprecedented weaponry, including nuclear weapons” he said as reported by Newsmax on Saturday, October 7.

Trump emphasized the severity of such a conflict, acknowledging the devastating consequences it could unleash.

He firmly believed that his understanding of the situation surpassed anyone else’s. In response to a supporter’s remark about the world needing God, Trump acknowledged the sentiment, affirming that God had sent him to lead.

Further, Trump criticized Biden’s leadership on the global stage, insisting that other countries view the United States with contempt.

Trump accused Biden of putting the interests of countries like China, Mexico, Ukraine, Europe, and Asia ahead of America’s, resulting in a weakened position for the nation.

He condemned the lack of priority given to American workers, industries, farmers, and families, expressing disappointment at the reversal of policies he had initiated during his own presidency.

Addressing the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Trump held Biden accountable, attributing the situation to what he deemed the president’s incompetence and corruption.

With conviction, Trump declared Biden “the worst president in the history of our country,” laying blame on his actions and decisions.

Shifting the focus to his primary rivals, Trump made particular mention of “Ron DeSanctimonious,” a veiled reference to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Trump underscored his substantial lead in polls across the nation, specifically highlighting his favorable reception in the key state of Iowa, known for its influential caucus.

Promising an offensive strategy rather than a defensive one, Trump dismissed the idea of employing a “prevent defense” analogy from football, which merely seeks to safeguard a lead without actively striving for victory.

Trump expressed his determination to pursue a more proactive approach that would yield positive results.

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