Donald Trump ‘Is Too Poor’ To Pay For..

by Jessica

MSNBC’s Vaughn Hillyard delved into the financial challenges facing Donald Trump’s potential 2024 presidential campaign and its allies, suggesting that cash constraints might hinder the former president’s ability to host his signature rallies.

Host Katy Tur initiated the discussion by highlighting Trump’s financial obligations, including significant legal judgments totaling half a billion dollars. She queried Hillyard on how these financial burdens might affect Trump’s campaign.

Hillyard kicked off by contrasting Trump’s campaign spending in 2020, which was $600 million less than Joe Biden’s, underscoring the consequences.

He emphasized that despite the financial disparity, Biden narrowly clinched key states, highlighting the potential challenges for Trump’s team in the upcoming election cycle.

“Fast forward to 2024,” Hillyard continued, “they are facing financial deficits compared to Biden, compounded by the substantial $80 billion expended on legal-related expenses by Trump-affiliated super PACs over the last two years.

This financial burden puts them at a disadvantage from the outset.”

He further noted the Republican National Committee’s necessity to allocate funds not only to support Trump’s campaign but also to bolster Senate and down-ballot races, exacerbating financial pressures for Trump’s team.

Regarding the reliance on earned media versus traditional fundraising, Hillyard explained, “While they believe earned media will provide significant coverage, it requires manpower to capitalize on it.

Financial resources can facilitate the deployment of personnel in crucial battleground states like Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Arizona, particularly in rural areas where garnering support is vital.”

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