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Trump Plans Visit To Erie, PA. They Want the 35k He Owes From 5 Years Ago

by Jessica

Trump Plans Campaign Event in Erie, Pennsylvania Amid Lingering Payment Controversy

Former President Donald Trump is scheduled to hold a campaign event in Erie, Pennsylvania this Saturday, a typical move for political candidates.

However, hosting such events can be costly for cities and venues, requiring additional public services like police, fire & rescue personnel, and sanitation workers.

Despite previous instances of Trump reportedly not fully compensating places he campaigned in, Erie trusted him and worked with organizers to ensure a smooth event.

Unfortunately, it appears Trump took advantage of their trust once again. Reports suggest that when asked to pay what was owed for previous campaign expenses, he seemingly relished in rejecting the request, possibly reveling in the opportunity to dismiss it with disdain.

The lack of payment seemed to amuse him greatly, according to sources. For Trump, denying payments may be a way to assert power and control over those he perceives as weak or subservient.

Erie has now learned from past experiences and decided to request payment upfront for the upcoming event, including the outstanding amount from the previous event held five years ago.

However, it’s surprising that they did not take a more assertive stance and demand a full payment upfront before authorizing the event. Some believe that cities should adopt a “pay to play” approach when dealing with political campaigns to avoid being taken advantage of.

While it may be challenging to confront a former president and risk public backlash, some argue that standing up to Trump’s non-payment history is essential to protect cities from being exploited in the future.

As of now, the city of Erie is still working on obtaining payment for previous expenses, but it remains uncertain if they will succeed.

The absence of a firm stance on payment may perpetuate a cycle of non-payment from the former president, leaving the city with unresolved debts and unfulfilled promises.

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