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Trump Ordered an Assassination For Recognition in the Press, Ex-security Adviser Reveals

by Jessica

Former Trump national security adviser John Bolton shed light on the self-indulgent nature of Trump’s historic assassination of Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s Quds Force Gen. Qassem Soleimani. In an appearance on CNN’s “The Source” with Kaitlan Collins on Wednesday, January 31, 2024, Bolton highlighted the 45th president’s struggle to maintain focus and identified an overarching flaw – his oversized ego.

“Among the many other defects, he listens to the last person he talks to,” Bolton remarked. “He looks at decisions through the prism of how they will be reported for his performance in the press, not for what the outcome is.”

Bolton delved into the rationale behind the drone strike that took out Soleimani, emphasizing Trump’s motivation for favorable media coverage. According to Bolton, Trump’s primary concern was not solely eliminating the leader of Iranian terrorist actions but also gaining significant acclaim for orchestrating such a major event.

“He did order the early exit of the head of the Iranian Quds Force, but in listening to him talk about his views on why that was important, it was clear to me it wasn’t simply to eliminate this major figure but because it was such a big event he would get enormous credit for it,” Bolton explained.

Reflecting on Trump’s approach, Bolton expressed discomfort with the former president’s tendency to prioritize personal gain over strategic decision-making. Despite acknowledging that vanity is not uncommon in politicians considering their legacies, Bolton argued that Trump took this to an extreme, making his image the central focus even in matters of life and death.

“Every politician thinks of his position, but only Trump, I think in American history, can be said to be a president who thinks only of its effect on him,” Bolton emphasized.

The gravity of Trump’s self-centered decision-making became evident when, at the start of 2020, he announced the elimination of Soleimani during a speech from Mar-a-Lago. Bolton’s insights into Trump’s mindset shed light on the disconnect between the president’s aspirations and the broader implications of such significant actions.

In essence, Bolton’s revelations underscore a pattern of behavior where Trump’s decision-making process is clouded by a desire for positive media coverage and personal accolades, rather than a clear focus on the strategic outcomes and consequences of his actions.

The legacy of Trump’s presidency, as portrayed by Bolton, is one dominated by self-indulgence at the expense of sound and objective decision-making.

Bolton’s commentary raises concerns about the broader implications of a leader prioritizing personal gain over national interest. The impact of Trump’s self-indulgent decision-making reverberates beyond the assassination of Soleimani, potentially influencing the nation’s perception of its global role.

Bolton’s insights paint a portrait of a president whose actions are swayed by a quest for personal glory, prompting reflection on the long-term consequences of such ego-driven leadership in shaping America’s place on the world stage.

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