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Hugh Hewitt Presses Trump on His Four Criminal Trials: How Can You Run From ‘Behind a Defendant’s Table?’

by Jessica

In a recent interview, conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt raised concerns about former President Donald Trump’s ability to effectively run for president again while dealing with ongoing criminal court cases. The conversation delved into how Trump plans to convey his political message while facing legal challenges.

During the interview, Trump criticized President Joe Biden and various political adversaries, focusing on the chaos surrounding the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. Hewitt then posed a crucial question, “How are you going to make these points, Mr. President, if you’re on trial?”

Hewitt pointed out that the first trial is scheduled for March, with the Atlanta trial set to be televised. He questioned how Trump could campaign and convey his message while sitting behind a defendant’s table in a courtroom.

Trump responded, “We’ll be seeking dismissals for many of these cases. These are campaign cases brought by Biden. They are unprecedented and resemble tactics seen in banana republics. The public understands this, which is why I’m leading by a significant margin. We had a successful presidency.”

If you’re in court arguing motions, or if you’re in court because not all the indictments have been dismissed, are you going to name your vice president early so that they can go out and campaign on your behalf? I mean, there’s a nice, long list of vice presidents. We’ve got Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, Vivek Ramaswamy, Glenn Youngkin, Mike Pompeo, Robert O’Brien, Tom Cotton, Mike Gallagher. There are lots of people would make a good vice presidential nominee. Will you pick one early so that they campaign when you’re in court?

The conversation continued with Trump expressing his opposition to plea deals and rejecting the idea of selecting a vice president early for campaign support. He argued that no vice president has played a significant role in getting a president elected in the past.

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