Trump Official ‘Burned Evidence’ At White House

by Jessica

In an upcoming memoir titled “Enough,” former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson has made additional claims about her time as a top aide to then-Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, as reported by DailyMail.

These allegations include accusations that Meadows burned a significant number of documents during the final days of the Trump administration, resulting in concerns raised by his wife about the cost of dry-cleaning the persistent odor from his suits.

Hutchinson had previously testified in May 2022 that Meadows regularly disposed of documents in his office fireplace in December 2020.

In her memoir, Hutchinson provides a more detailed account of her previous claims and introduces new ones. Among these is the assertion that Meadows refused to dispose of daily litter in government-issued “burn bags” due to fears of interception by the so-called “deep state.” Instead, he burned these documents in his own office, leading to the unpleasant odor that troubled his wife.

The book also contains other startling allegations, including claims that Rudy Giuliani groped Hutchinson on January 6 in a tent behind Trump’s speech shortly before the Capitol riots erupted.

Scheduled for release on Monday, Hutchinson’s memoir is described as a firsthand account of her experience “risking everything to tell the truth about some of the most powerful people in Washington.” As of now, Meadows and Giuliani have not commented on the allegations in the book, with Giuliani dismissing them as “completely absurd.”

The book’s publication coincides with Meadows facing indictment for his alleged involvement in a conspiracy to overturn election results in Georgia, while Donald Trump makes his third bid for the presidency.

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