Donald Trump mocks Joe Biden after teleprompter blunder at his own speech

by Jessica

Donald Trump mercilessly ridiculed Joe Biden following a technical glitch at the beginning of his Minnesota address. The ex-president made the most of his day off from the ongoing hush money trial, celebrating his son Barron’s high school graduation in Florida before heading to a GOP fundraiser.

Trump was the star speaker at the Lincoln Reagan dinner in St. Paul, coinciding with the state GOP convention, aiming to make waves in the typically Democrat stronghold.

“Before I got up the teleprompter fell down,” he quipped, adding: “Well done fellas. Then they wanna know why I don’t pay the bill.”

Seizing the moment, Trump lampooned Biden, whom he’s set to face in a one-on-one debate next month, after Biden was escorted off stage at the White House on Monday post delivering “brief, incoherent marks” subsequent to a speech, reports the Express US.

He went on: “Suppose that happened to Biden. He’d go like this – ‘bye’. He’d leave.”

“I’ll stay with you for an hour, we’ll have some fun.” Later, Trump noted the stage’s persistent lean to the left and exclaimed: This place is falling apart. What a c—-y contractor.

“This sucker is really tenuous. I’ve never had this before, that a podium is falling down.”

Trump is capitalizing on the time off permitted by the trial judge for the graduation to push his campaign in Minnesota, a state he believes he can clinch in the upcoming November bout against Biden.

No Republican presidential candidate has managed to secure a win in Minnesota since Richard Nixon’s victory in 1972. However, Trump nearly turned the tables in 2016, falling short by just 1.5 percentage points against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

In 2020, Trump made several visits to Minnesota, but Biden still managed to beat him by over 7 percentage points. David Hann, the chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota, expressed his belief in an interview that Trump could win the state. “I think this is something Trump wants to do.

He believes this is a state he can win. We believe that’s the case as well,” he said. Democratic US Sen. Tina Smith of Minnesota, who is a Biden ally, dismissed these claims in an interview.

She stated that if the Trump campaign thinks he can win the state, they are “grasping at straws”. “The Biden campaign is going to work hard for every vote,” Smith asserted. “We’re going to engage with voters all over the state.

But I think Minnesota voters are going to choose President Biden.”Hann co-hosted a dinner on Friday alongside Trump’s state campaign chair, House Majority Whip Tom Emmer, who represents a central Minnesota district.

Hann credited Emmer for playing a crucial role in bringing the former president to Minnesota. The dinner was held in conjunction with the party’s state convention.

Tickets for the event started at $500, with VIP tables for 10 people, including three photo opportunities with Trump, costing up to $100,000.

While Hann did not disclose the expected fundraising amount from the event, he did anticipate a full house of around 1,400 attendees.

Hann stated that all the proceeds from the dinner tickets would be directed to the state party. However, he added that some funds raised from photo opportunities might go towards the Trump campaign.

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