Former President Donald Trump Mocked Online as the ‘Dumbest President in American History’

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump was under the scrutiny of historians a few months ago when he was labeled as the ‘worst president in U.S. history,’ as per the Guardian.

A Twitter account @RpsAgainstTrump recently mocked Trump by captioning a video of all the bizarre statements and actions he made, labeling him as “Donald Trump is the dumbest president in American history Never Trump.” The post received many humorous replies.

One person replied to the post on X, “Yes, he is the dumbest and worst so-called president in American history . . . … Never Trump again !”

One individual pointed out various rankings of Trump as one of the worst presidents in history saying, “Trump’s best rating appears to be 4th worst US President (I’ve looked at others beyond the ones below) 2021 C-SPAN ranks Trump 4th worst president 2022 Siena College ranks Trump 3rd worst president 2024 US News ranks Trump 3rd worst president 2024:

Historians rank Trump as the worst president.” Another individual praised the video saying, “Perhaps the finest own take-down video ever presented. Not a word of exaggeration or lie. Hyperbole does not enter the conversation.”

Despite so much backlash, few individuals came to Trump’s defense. One supporter asserted, “Yet He was a President and will be your next one. Get over it Democrat, and realize the inevitability.

You’ll feel better and thank me in the morning.” Another lauded Trump’s leadership, stating, “Donald Trump runs our country like he did his business, very successfully!”

One individual questioned the public, “If this assertion is true, then why is Biden running so far behind Trump on virtually every major issue and now, in the most recent “likely voter” polls by Rasmussen and Grinnel/Selzer, is Biden behind by 8 points and 7 points respectively? Biden is losing 6 of 7 Swing states by 6 points and the one that he isn’t winning, WI, he is tied with Biden.

The question this brings to my mind is–“If Trump is the dumbest president in history, then where the fuck does that put FJB?” I’m thinking the dumbest people are Republicans Against Trump who, after seeing how far ahead “The Dumbest President in History” is running compared to Biden, still support Biden.”

Trump is charged with 91 felonies in two state courts and two federal districts; each count carries the possibility of a jail term, as per the Washington Post. He has already lost two significant defamation verdicts and a civil suit in New York that might cripple his economic empire.

In the meantime, he is the front-runner for the Republican nomination for president. He might be in the thick of the campaign while his legal destiny is being determined, even though the timetables for many of the cases are now unclear.

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