Trump Mocked After Lawyers Accidentally Subpoena Wrong Person: ‘Stable Genius & His Superb Team’

by Jessica

As former President Donald Trump prepares for his hush money trial in New York, an embarrassing blunder has brought proceedings to a halt, prompting mockery online. Trump’s legal team mistakenly subpoenaed an unrelated individual with the same name as the intended person, former D.A. investigator Jeremy Rosenberg.

“I don’t have any files for you,” the bewildered Rosenberg informed Trump’s legal team, according to Raw Story. He added, “I’m keeping the fifteen dollars” for witness travel costs. It didn’t take long for netizens on X to ridicule Trump and his legal team over their grave error.

“In other legal news, Trump’s lawyers are so incompetent that they subpoenaed the wrong guy,” attorney Chris Sigurdson wrote on X.

“When he replied that he had no records for them they complained to the judge that his response was ‘flippant and disrespectful’. Again, they subpoenaed the wrong guy.”

“The level of stupid with this f—— clown show,” a user slammed the team on X. “Always hires the best people,” mocked a second user, while another echoed, “Trump has the greatest legal team and will 100 percent get acquitted.”

Reiterating similar disbelief a user quipped, “The stable genius and his superb lawyers at it again. #TrumpIsATraitorAndCriminal.”

“So sharp, such morons. What a bunch of shmucks,” a user added while another took a shot at Alina Habba, Trump’s most popular lawyer, “Alina strikes again.

Guess when you have run through all the insane lawyers in the country, the bottom of the barrel is your best hope. Maybe he can hire Avenatti for a couple packs of Ramen and a donut.” “Really getting value for his $100m in legal spending,” concluded another.

According to ABC News, when defense lawyer Todd Blanche, claimed Rosenberg was not being cooperative, the prosecution informed the court of the blunder.

“After receiving the defendant’s pre-motion letter, the People spoke with Mr. Rosenberg’s counsel, who informed the People that Mr. Rosenberg was not served with the subpoena, that Mr. Rosenberg had not corresponded with defense counsel, and that Mr. Rosenberg does not have any connection to the Brooklyn address where the subpoena purportedly was served,” prosecutors said.

Trump is set to go on trial on Monday, April 15, for allegedly fabricating financial documents concerning a hush money payment made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels by his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, only days before the 2016 presidential election.

Cohen was sentenced to three years in jail after pleading guilty to charges including lying to Congress, tax evasion, and campaign finance offenses. Following his imprisonment, his relationship with Trump deteriorated, and he has become a vocal opponent of the former president. Trump has however entered a not-guilty plea and refuted the misconduct allegations.

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