Expert Says Why People Close to Trump Might Start ‘Falling Sick’ Over The Next 2 Weeks

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump’s legal strategy is unraveling as his criminal trials loom closer, with speculation rife that he may fire his legal team in a desperate bid to delay proceedings.

Former U.S. attorney Joyce Vance, in an article on her Civil Discourse subtract on Monday, April 1, warned of Trump’s potential mass firing, indicating that he’s exploring avenues to avoid facing trial.

With just two weeks before his first criminal trial involving hush money payments, Vance has suggested that the politician might also attempt to force the presiding judge to recuse himself.

However, if he fails at that, Trump’s options seem limited, according to Vance.

She pointed out the classic tactics of desperation, predicting Trump also feigning illness or orchestrating the removal of legal counsel, all in a bid to buy himself more time before being tried.

“With trial only two weeks away, Trump is showing increasing signs of desperation,” she wrote, foreseeing him also reporting relatives falling sick over the next 2 weeks to avoid appearing in court.

“There are also the time-honored strategies of the desperate: getting sick or finding a sick or dying family member and firing your lawyers.”

The trial in New York, scheduled to commence jury selection on April 15, pertains to allegations of business fraud related to payments Trump purportedly arranged to conceal an extramarital affair.

Trump’s recent demand for the judge’s recusal, citing bias due to his daughter’s association with a Democratic-leaning consultancy firm, has drawn skepticism from legal experts like Andrew Weissmann, a former top deputy to Robert Mueller.

Weissmann suggested Trump’s demand is unlikely to succeed.

The question now is what would happen if Trump dismisses his legal team?

Vance raised this issue, noting the complexities involved.

She noted that defendants have the right to choose their counsel, but any last-minute firing could raise suspicions of manipulation.

She said Judge Juan Merchan must tread carefully to avoid potential appeals issues, given the stakes involved.

Despite Trump’s mounting legal woes, he faces three additional criminal trials, each addressing distinct charges, including election interference and mishandling classified documents upon leaving office.

Trump has maintained his innocence throughout, pleading not guilty to all charges.

However, with his legal options dwindling and the prospect of facing multiple trials looming, the former president finds himself in an increasingly precarious position.

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