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Trump Suffers Memory Loss During Obama Meltdown

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump had told his fans that a world leader called on President Barack Obama to resign “and be replaced by Trump” several weeks ago. However, President Joe Biden is the president.

It has been noted that Biden’s campaign has been highlighting a raft of Trump gaffes recently when he mixed up Biden and former President Barack Obama, misidentifying countries, not knowing what town he’s in to name a few — and pushing for the media to cover them like they do concerns about Biden’s age.

On Saturday, Trump gave a speech in Claremont, New Hampshire via Media Ite during which he managed to correctly identify Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban — to whom he previously has referred as the “leader of Turkey” — but told the crowd Orban demanded Obama’s resignation a few weeks ago:

“But the head of Hungary. Very tough, strong guy. Viktor Orban, did anybody ever hear him? Probably, you know, considered very powerful, very powerful within his country and outside of his country, not exactly loved by some of the European nations, because he does this thing. He didn’t allow millions of people to invade his country. He allowed nobody to invade the zero zero. He had nobody. So he doesn’t have crime and he doesn’t have the problems that they’re having in other countries where millions of people are allowed to go in.

But they were interviewing him two weeks ago and they said, “What would you advise President Obama? The whole world seems to be exploding and imploding.”.

And he said “It’s very simple. He should immediately resign and they should replace him with President Trump, who kept the world safe.”

The gaffe was called out by media figures including Jonathan Karl (who was re-tweeted by Trump Whisperer Maggie Haberman), who wrote:

“Trump is again confused about who is president …

He tells the crowd that Hungarian leader Viktor Orban has called for Obama to step down as president to be replaced immediately by Trump.

[NOTE: Obama isn’t president]”

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