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Trump Melts Down After Biden Gets Win With…

by Jessica

The stock market is booming under President Joe Biden, according to former President Donald Trump, because investors think he will win a second term as president.

In an interview that will appear on Sunday, the Republican front-runner spoke with Fox Business presenter Maria Bartiromo on his economic policies and the status of the economy under Biden.

Under Biden, the S&P 500 index and the Dow Jones Industrial Average just reached all-time highs. In an interview with Bartiromo, Trump attempted to claim credit for the figures by saying that investors think he would be the Republican nominee and defeat Biden in November.

Bartiromo asked the former president: “So I mean, the Biden team can say, ‘Well if things are so bad, how could the stock market’s on a roll?’”

“Because they think I’m going to be elected,” Trump replied, prompting Bartiromo to follow up, somewhat incredulously: “You think the stock market’s rallying because people think you’re going to be elected?”

“Yeah. If you take a look at Iowa if you take a look at New Hampshire. The stock market’s been going crazy since then,” Trump added. “And long before then, when I when I announced I was running, I took the lead early. And then I beat everybody, including Ron DeSantis. I call him DeSantis. And I took the other names away.”

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