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Trump Melts Down Before Turning Himself In To…

by Jessica

Donald Trump has taken to Truth Social to express his upcoming visit to Atlanta, Georgia on Thursday, where he claims he will face arrest by District Attorney Fani Willis, whom he labels as a Radical Left figure.

He accuses her of overseeing a significant surge in Murder and Violent Crime, deeming it one of the worst disasters in American history.

Trump clarifies that his Atlanta trip isn’t related to murder, but rather centers around what he terms a “perfect phone call.” He asserts that Willis is engaging in an ongoing witch hunt, aligning this effort with the Department of Justice under President Joe Biden, whom he derogatorily refers to as “Crooked Joe.” Trump alleges that the focus is on election interference.

In a recent video, former President Donald J. Trump criticizes Joe Biden’s controversial decision to pay a ransom of $6 billion to secure the release of hostages from the Iranian dictatorship.

Trump contrasts his own leadership, citing the successful return of over 50 hostages worldwide without resorting to ransom payments. He underscores the use of diplomacy and strength during his presidency, pledging to continue this approach if re-elected.

Trump further condemns Biden’s decision as another surrender, tarnishing the reputation of the United States on the global stage.

He expresses concerns that the substantial payment will fund terrorism and violence, causing immense loss of innocent lives. Trump predicts that the funds will aid Iran’s nuclear weapons program, jeopardizing global security and potentially leading to further American captives.

He accuses Biden of essentially incentivizing kidnappers to target American citizens abroad by demonstrating a willingness to pay exorbitant sums.

Reiterating his leadership style, Trump emphasizes that his administration never resorted to ransom payments and underscores the importance of diplomacy and strength. He reflects on the current state of the nation, asserting the need for a turnaround to “Make America Great Again.”

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