Trump Meltdown in 71 Early Morning Posts as he Publicly Declares that he is the Chosen one by God

by Jessica

Donald Trump unleashed a barrage of 71 social media posts early Easter morning, in a startling display of egocentrism and hostility. Among them, a mere nod to the holiday with a terse “HAPPY EASTER,” while the bulk of his tirade targeted a range of individuals and issues with vitriolic attacks.

As reported by MeidasTouch Network on Sunday, March 31, 2024, Judge Merchants daughter, Mike Gallagher, Jon Stewart, Engoron, Biden, Maxine Waters, Letitia James, Alvin Bragg, Fani Willis, Obama, Hunter Biden, and Marc Elias were all subjected to Trump’s venom.

Mixed in were boasts of favorable polls, threats of retribution if re-elected, endorsements, claims of Russian collusion as a hoax, articles on migrant crime, and repetitions of falsehoods regarding the Biden White House’s Easter Egg hunt and transgender proclamation.

Yet, amidst this cesspool of animosity, Trump found time to share two articles from his ally, sports gambling tout Wayne Allyn Root, published in Gateway Pundit and American Thinker.

Root’s nauseating piece boldly asserts Trump’s divine status as a miracle, purportedly sent by God to rescue America—a claim of being ‘The Chosen One’ blessed by the divine. Such exploitation of the holiest Christian holiday to fuel personal ambition and disseminate lies and hatred is reprehensible, particularly for devout Christians.

This repugnant article is emblematic of a broader narrative propagated by Trump, echoed in his rallies where pastors assert his divine selection to salvage America—a truly disturbing trend.

In a nation founded on the principle of separation of church and state, the blurring of religious fervor with political ambition is not only unsettling but also antithetical to the values of inclusivity and tolerance.

Trump’s exploitation of faith for personal gain underscores a troubling erosion of moral integrity and ethical conduct in the political arena.

As citizens, it is imperative to scrutinize and challenge such egregious abuses of power and influence, particularly when they encroach upon the sacred and deeply personal realms of faith.

True leadership is rooted in humility, empathy, and a genuine commitment to serving the common good—not in grandiose claims of divine ordination.

As we navigate the tumultuous waters of political discourse, let us remain vigilant in upholding the principles of integrity, compassion, and respect for all, regardless of creed or ideology.

Only through steadfast dedication to these ideals can we hope to build a more just and equitable society for generations to come.

Such manipulative tactics not only undermine the sanctity of religious beliefs but also threaten the very fabric of democratic governance.

The fusion of religious rhetoric with political agendas sets a dangerous precedent, eroding the fundamental tenets of secularism and fostering divisions within society. It is incumbent upon conscientious citizens to denounce such exploitation and uphold the principles of tolerance, reason, and pluralism in the public sphere.

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