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Trump Reveals Truth After Melania Divorce Rumor

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump recently stated that his wife Melania’s mysterious presence is part of her ‘beauty’ when he spoke to Megyn Kelly about the enigmatic former first lady.

The former president, 77, sat down with Kelly for a SiriusXM interview aired on Thursday that saw him sharing insight into both Melania and his youngest son Barron, 17.

”I think part of the beauty is that mystery,” Trump said via Daily Mail when asked what people misunderstand about his wife of more than 20 years, before comparing her with Hollywood legend Greta Garbo.

”She was a great actress, But she was very reclusive, and never did an interview. I don’t see Melania as like that, but she’s introspective, and she’s confident…

She doesn’t need to be out there [to get interviewed],” he explained, stating she is staying home, and he enjoys dinners with her, and they are together.

”She has confidence. She has a lot of self-confidence.”

Melania Trump has rarely been seen in public over the past year. She has said she supports her husband’s bid for a second term in the White House, but she hasn’t appeared at one of his campaign events in ten months – not since he announced his 2024 bid at Mar-a-Lago on November 15, 2022. Melania has also not been by Trump’s side at any of his court appearances as he fights multiple legal battles.

Meanwhile, Trump recently charged rival Ron DeSantis as the source of the flyers claiming Trump’s wife Melania Trump is ‘missing’ as their presidential tug-of-war played out at an Iowa college football game.

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