Trump Just Confessed How Bad His Marriage Is By Accident

by Jessica

This is a hoot, what you’re about to see. Donald Trump is getting off one gaffe after the other in North Carolina today and the worst one he just made has to do with his wife — and no, she is not at his side. And yes, if I were you, I would not hold my breath waiting for her. That’s definitely not a good idea.

Here’s what Trumpty Dumpty just confessed to about a relationship which has been in effect 26-27 years now, since 1998. The number is important, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and say it’s 26 years.

Okay, class, we’re going to do some arithmetic. He’s known his wife for 26 years. And he just admitted that they have less than 100 communications per year (or less than ten a month) via text and email in 26 years. Is that because they’re constantly together? Well, you see that’s not true.

They’re rarely together unless it’s a contracted photo op night at Mar-a-Lago. And so if they don’t communicate in person, or via phone or text (and we’ll include email with text, although Trump doesn’t even know how to use a computer to that extent, we are told) then what he’s saying is that they just don’t communicate.

Because I can tell you right now, you can look in my computer or phone and there are thousands of emails or texts to people that I’ve known for a number of years. It’s not the least bit unusual, especially for people whose work keeps them apart (and that’s Donald and Melania) to have a digital relationship along with whatever IRL relationship that they have.

Or, for people who meet online, just as the yous and mes have all met online here. It starts here and then we begin talking privately.

Plus, some of the most famous professional and romantic relationships, ever, have taken place in written form. I call your attention to a two-volume work, The Holmes-Pollack Letters, which is a compilation of the trans-Atlantic correspondence of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes of the United States Supreme Court and Sir Frederick Pollack, who was a British academic who wrote on the history of English law.

They had a lifetime correspondence, which rose to the level of historic literature because of the minds who wrote it and the subject matter they wrote about.

As did the romance of the Brownings. You’ll want to review the writings of poets Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning, who had a romance and elopement that caused the bride’s father to disown her and then they ran off to Italy.

Theirs is the story of the Victorian age framed by poetry and a great love and it’s all written down. But then, the partners in this couple were literary giants, and Donald and Melania are barely literate, so you can’t expect the same level of communication, and certainly not in written form.

I think it’s hilarious that Trump just outed himself. Not that he had to. I think that the world pretty much knows that she married for money and he married to have an ornamental wife around to make himself look good and they don’t have a lot to talk about. Except these days they may be talking about money more than usual and that’s assuming that they talk at all.

It is also interesting that the purpose of this slam of his was to put down Fani Willis for communicating via text and phone and all he did was reveal that he doesn’t know that that’s how intelligent people communicate. Lawyers put everything in writing. They’re verbal people, they keep records, and they preserve their thoughts. Trump doesn’t have any thoughts worth preserving.

His thoughts go from assessing everything and everyone he sees in life and running a basic test: Should I eat it, fuck it, or kill it? The only thing that distinguishes Donald Trump from the caveman is his hairspray and makeup. Temperamentally, linguistically, socially, and intellectually, they are identical, otherwise.

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