Trump Is Likely To Be Booked At A Notorious Atlanta Jail Where Inmates Use Pieces Of Its Crumbling Walls As Shanks: ‘A Lot Of People… Never Make It Out Alive’

by Jessica

Donald Trump is facing a deadline of less than one week to surrender to Georgia authorities, following his indictment on RICO charges related to his alleged efforts to overturn the state’s election results.

Speculation is rife that the former president might opt to turn himself in on the same day as the initial Republican primary debate, possibly aiming to divert attention from his opponents without engaging in the debate itself.

However, Trump’s decision might not be hasty, considering the reportedly dire conditions at the Fulton County Jail, also known as “Rice Street.”

Reports suggest that the situation within the jail has deteriorated to the point where the county sheriff has referred to it as a “humanitarian crisis.”

Via Washington Post:

The building is falling apart, a point the sheriff tried to illustrate to county leaders by collecting hundreds of weapons fashioned from chunks of the crumbling walls and loading them into four wheelbarrows his deputies rolled into a public meeting last year.

“What you’ll see in these wheelbarrows are shanks. Right now, they total over 1,100 shanks,” said Fulton County Sheriff Patrick Labat, who oversees the jail and has pushed for funding to replace it. “These are pieces of the building that have been ripped apart, fashioned into knives, fashioned into deadly weapons.”

A tragic incident involving an inmate found dead, infested with bed bugs and lice, underscored the dire conditions. Furthermore, alarming reports suggest that inmates have resorted to fashioning makeshift knives from fragments of the facility’s walls.

At present, Sheriff Labat has affirmed that “all 19 defendants named in the indictment will be processed at the Rice Street Jail.” However, the Washington Post indicates that it is improbable any of the defendants will be placed in holding cells or mingle with the general inmate population.

Although information regarding whether Trump or his alleged co-conspirators might encounter situations involving wall-made knives remains scant, the situation remains unpredictable.

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